Record your soundscapes

Become a soundscaper. You can turn your smartphone in a few steps to a audio recorder and send your soundscapes instantly to us.  (-> see 01) - Or you can participate in the project by sending us your soundscapes, that you recorded with your audio recording gear. (-> see 02)

Registration: Participate WITH smartphone

To participate in the project with your smartphone, you have to do a user registration for this website and for the Auphonic recording app. If you have an Iphone, Ipod, Ipad  (at least Apple iOS 5.0) or an Android smartphone (at least version 4). And you are located in one of these countries: A, D, L or CH then registrate here in a few steps:

Registration: Participate WITHOUT smartphone

If you don´t have a smartphone or if your smartphone doesn´t have the correct specifications, you can participate in the project by uploading your recorded soundscape files (in mp3 format). In this case you have only to registrate for this website here: