Personal Soundscapes @ musikprotokoll 2013

Volkmar klien presented a selection of soundscapes and soundscapes compositions in a ORF Kunstradio at musikprotokoll 2013 in Graz/Austria.

Austria’s Festival Platform for Contemporary and Experimental Music
Functioning as a kind of laboratory, musikprotokoll invites the audience to embark on an exploratory journey to discover the latest developments and trends in music, with all the artistic risks that this entails. From orchestral music with the ORF Radio Symphonieorchester Wien to chamber music, from live performances to sound installations, musikprotokoll highlights a wide range of intriguingly heterogeneous forms and genres and presents works that are for the most part developed and produced specifically for the festival. 

Recording: Live-Webstream ORF Kunstradio, 6.10., 23.00h at Space04 (Kunsthaus Graz) Personal Soundscapes with Volkmar Klien.